Research & Policy

We develop accessible information about food policy issues for young people interested in food security. Our food issues page defines seven major food issues and provides links to local and international organizations working on these issues, as well as print and video resources for further research. We are currently developing a food terms glossary, which will provide concise descriptions of the (sometimes confusing) terms found on this site and in other literature on food policy.

Position Papers

Following each community meeting, the TYFPC collects notes from brainstorming and discussion sessions and compiles them into a position paper about that month’s topic. These papers go on to be submitted to the Toronto Food Policy Council to provide a summary of the priorities of Toronto’s youth and inspire future policy recommendations. The position papers are also useful for the TYFPC to keep track of youth priorities and ensure we incorporate them into future projects.

May 2012: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Local Food Systems (Meeting Minutes)

March 2012: Resiliency in the Local Food Movement

January 2012: Food Security and Mental Health (Meeting Minutes)

March 2011: Urban Agriculture

January 2011: Hunger, Poverty, and Food Deserts (Meeting Minutes)

November 2010: Food Literacy (Meeting Minutes)