Food Policy Research Volunteer Opportunity

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Research Volunteer Opportunity: Toronto Food Policy Council’s Food Web-Book

Contact: If interested in the following position please contact Michelle MacIntosh at

Deadline: Tuesday October 30, 2012 at 12PM

About the Project:
The Toronto foodscape is changing and many commentators and practitioners have been writing about it, their work scattered across many publications. We are assembling this work into an online database, as a resource for those interested in learning more about food in Toronto.

So far, we’ve organized the material according to the 5As of food security as elaborated by our colleagues at the Ryerson Centre for Studies in Food Security: Availability; Accessibility; Acceptability; Adequacy; Agency.
The work we have collected ranges from academic to popular, and roughly to elegantly formatted. Some pieces have been published elsewhere, others not. Often we link to other Toronto based web sites where important work is already posted. What unites this work is the analysis of how the urban foodscape is changing, what forces are driving those changes, and what strategies are being put in place to accelerate the change process.
The purpose of this project is to make the information available as quickly as possible, since much of this information is time sensitive.

About the Position:
In order for this collection of papers and articles to be compiled into a navigable database, there is a need to organize each article into relevant categories so that each article is searchable based on its topics.  Each paper must be read and given appropriate tags that identify all major themes and topics.  In addition, a short abstract for each paper will need to be written so that all articles have uniform summaries.  These tasks will ensure the clarity and use-ability of this database.

About You:

  • We are looking for an enthusiastic, curious and well organized individual.
  • The successful candidate will demonstrate:
  • Ability to read carefully and thoroughly
  • Strong writing skills
  • Knowledge of and experience using WordPress is an asset
  • Attention to detail and high level of organization
  • Enthusiasm for food security work
  • A background in academia is useful but not mandatory

Time Commitment: 20-30 hours total, fulfilled based on availability,

Availability: being available on Tuesdays is an asset although not a requirement for the right candidate

While this is an unpaid position, the experience gained is invaluable.  You will have the opportunity to get to know the staff at the Toronto Food Policy Council as well as Toronto Food Strategy.  This is a great opportunity to improve professional skills such as; research, analysis and organization.

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