Tune in to ‘The Impact and Importance of Youth Organizing on Food Justice’ Workshop

On June 13th 4 members of the TYFPC hosted a workshop at the Just Food: because it is never just food  2021 Joint Annual Conference led by the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS), Agriculture, Food & Human Values Society (AFHVS), Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS), The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN), and hosted by the Culinary Institute of America and New York University.

About the Workshop

Facilitated by Alexandra, Kaitlin, Nicole, and Rossen, The Impact and Importance of Youth Organizing on Food Justice workshop explores youth’s role in food organizing and food justice work, the benefits they bring to this sector, the barrier’s they face doing this work and provides an interactive activity to help others brainstorm ways to meaningfully include youth voices and initiatives in their food justice work and academic research.

Interested in learning what is possible in your community, or what you as an individual can do to amplify youth organizing work?

Tune in here!

About the Conference

In this most unusual time, four academic organizations engaged in food studies are hosting a virtual conference centred on the theme of Food Justice. The title, Just Food: because it is never just food, highlights how food is ensconced in systems of exclusion, oppression, and power. Papers, presentations and roundtables will grapple with cultural and historical entanglements of food with social justice by examining the production, distribution, and consumption of food while keeping in mind power differentials in local and global world systems. In particular, we have invited submissions that reveal and/or seek to challenge the systemic injustices of the industrial and alternative food systems that marginalize the food histories, practices, and experiences of diverse communities including Indigenous, Black, and people of color. In addition, this conference seeks to highlight the ways people use food for pleasure and autonomy. The conference hopes to make connections between diverse perspectives, to center historically marginalized voices, and to work towards building a greater understanding of how to achieve food justice on Turtle Island (North America) and globally.

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