Jane’s WalkShop – Food & the City, and more.

Yesterday three TYFPC members participated in the first of 8 Jane’s WalkShops. The afternoon began with organizers providing information about Jane’s Walks. These walks started in 2006 as a way for for community members to engage in their city. Now Jane’s Walks occur in countries all over the world allowing participants to explore their city on a guided tour led by other community members.
Yesterdays WalkShop was on the theme of Food and the City. This was one of a series of WalkShops that allow participants to:
  • CONNECT with Torontonians in your community
  • SHARE your ideas on how to connect emerging themes with the city around us
  • LEARN how to plan a walk in your neighbourhood

After learning the history of Jane’s Walks, hearing from past walk leaders, and Torontonians engaging with food issues, we broke into smaller groups to brainstorm topics relating to food and how this might look as a walking tour. Examples included: doing a grocery store walk and comparing prices for the same meal in different neighbourhoods, a walk exploring and tasting edible weeds, or a walk exploring community gardens and spaces that have the potential for community gardens.

If anyone is interested in leading a walk on these, or any other food issues, feel free to contact the Jane’s Walk organizers at the Centre for Social Innovation. Additionally, if you are interested in any of their other WalkShop themes (such as Art and the City, Gender and the City, First Nations and the City) you can register here. If this exciting opportunity to engage with the community isn’t incentive enough, the WalkShops are held and catered by the CSI Coffee Pub, yum!

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