Zartasha Zainab

Zartasha Zainab is the Communications Co-Lead at TYFPC. She studied at University of Toronto, majoring in Population Health and Psychology. She believes food security is a critical aspect of building healthy communities. She has done various community fundraisers, and organized food and clothing drives to support those needing critical aid. In her final year with the Scarborough Campus Student’s Union as the Equity Service Center Coordinator, she also became acquainted with the extreme issue of food insecurity affecting the student population. Her research in university included at-risk homelessness youth and invisible homelessness and research with the Toronto City Councillor in Scarborough Ward 25 through which she became acquainted with the food policy council, the food map and food deserts. She later became involved with the youth food policy council conducting workshops on food waste, food securities’ intersection with femininity, looking at experiences of refugees and single parent households, doing webinars on the intersection of food and environmentally friendly practices and food as a health issue. She also supported the publication of the Melange Creative Arts Journal. She is currently looking to support the team’s outreach capacity and activities, spread awareness, and build meaningful community engagement to support the food movement as the Communications Co-Lead.