Mélange Volume 3: Seeding Justice & Deepening Our Roots Is Now Live!

Em, Jane, Sophie, and Zartasha from the Education Committee this year have been hard at work collecting the diverse stories and artworks from youth across the City of Toronto to compile this year’s publication.

About Volume 3

In the Fall 2020, the TYFPC put out a call for artwork from youth (30 and under) that explores food justice, food access, family, ancestry, migration, familial recipes, and community. This included all forms of print media including: photography, paintings, collage, poetry, flash fiction, short essays, recipes, and more – anything and everything that calls us to laugh, mourn, learn, question, and/or celebrate our respective and collective roots and the worlds that bloom from them.

We then held a virtual arts night in late January to encourage youth in our community to come together, talk openly about food justice, and express their creativity. To learn more about the event and see some of the talented creations click here.

In the end, our call for artists received 40 submissions from youth as young as 6 years old!


Tune in to ‘The Impact and Importance of Youth Organizing on Food Justice’ Workshop

On June 13th 4 members of the TYFPC hosted a workshop at the Just Food: because it is never just food  2021 Joint Annual Conference led by the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS), Agriculture, Food & Human Values Society (AFHVS), Canadian Association for Food Studies (CAFS), The Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN), and hosted by the Culinary Institute of America and New York University.


Considerations for Treating Youth Equitably in Non-profits

As a youth food council and with summer on the horizon, many non-profits are just starting up and getting funding from various contributors or often from Canada Summer Jobs. Although we understand that non-profits are often underfunded and struggle to stay afloat, many young folks, especially BIPOC 2SLGBTQQIA+ youth, on our council and beyond have shared common experiences of the poor treatment they have faced within non-profits. Especially within non-profits that advocate or try to advance food justice, access to farming or green spaces, and otherwise ‘social justice’ advancement.


Let’s Talk Food on Campus: How does the academy perpetuate food insecurity?

For our March community event TYFPC and Let’s Talk Food UofT met to discuss student food insecurity on university and college campuses and what various youth groups are doing to help address this issue.

Tune in to the panel below to learn about:

  • The issues students are facing and how this impacts many elements of their lives (by exploring the connections & implications on mental health, equity, academic success)
  • The different student-led responses to food insecurity on campus & hear from student leaders how they suggest other students can get involved
  • The institution’s role in the issues and responses to student food security
  • The challenges students face in their organizing work

Missed the event? Scroll down to watch the live stream!


Register for our March Community Event!

Join the TYFPC and Let’s Talk Food UofT on March 3rd from 6-7:30 pm for a discussion about student food activism across the Toronto region! 

Food insecurity is an issue that disproportionately impacts post-secondary students- with nearly 40% of students experiencing food insecurity prior to COVID-19. Still, there remains a large disconnect between student needs and values, and the kind of food system that is curated on campus. In response, students are often leading the charge to advocate for and increase access to affordable, healthy, just, and sustainable food on campuses. 

This virtual panel discussion will highlight several amazing student food leaders to better understand the food issues facing students and ways to create change.