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We help build a just and sustainable food system by working with Toronto's diverse young communities to find solutions to food insecurity. We then raise awareness of these issues through our seat at the Toronto Food Policy Council, by making deputations at City Hall, or through our advocacy work with other food justice organizations.


We mobilize youth to create change through our online network, at bi-monthly community meetings, by providing an opportunity for youth to build upon their food activism by becoming a council member, by connecting with youth throughout the city, and by facilitating committee work.


We engage youth in food policy work by facilitating Food Policy 101 workshops at schools and community groups, by providing youth an opportunity to become community members and attend meetings on local food policy issues, and by providing a platform for youth to share their academic and creative work in a youth food journal.

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The TYFPC is looking for new members! Apply by May 12th!

The Toronto Youth Food Policy Council (TYFPC) seeks to engage, build and mobilize youth to accelerate municipal food policy change and co-create a local, sustainable, and just food system in Toronto. We exist to provide a youth perspective on Toronto’s food community and to provide […]

Parting with Ramada: A Month of Fasting

Parting with Ramadan: A Month of Fasting By Zartasha Zainab The month of Ramadan has ended and the Muslim community now commences back to daily routines. This sacred month in which Muslims in Canada and across the world fast from dawn to dusk, where food […]

Food Inflation During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Inflation: An Assessment of Rising Food Prices in Greater Toronto Area By Zartasha Zainab If you have noticed that you are paying more while your shopping cart is getting smaller and smaller, you are certainly not imagining it. There are 5.8 million who are struggling […]

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