We have done a lot since 2008. Here are a few of our highlights:

  • Grew from a small group of 5 people, to a council of 15 and community of 200
  • Organized and distributed the first youth food journal, giving youth the opportunity to share their academic writing and build their resume
  • Held two Youth Food Fairs that brought together 30 food and social just organizations and 300 youth
  • Held three So You Think You(th) Can Cook competitions that showcased youths’ culinary skills at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
  • Created a space for youth to network, learn from one another, and share opportunities at bi-monthly community meetings
  • Actively communicated with Toronto’s youth food audience through social media
  • Secured two permanent youth seats on the Toronto Food Policy Council
  • Was part of the consultation process for the Toronto Food Strategy
  • Consulted with youth across North America to form respective youth food policy council’s in Vancouver, Nova Scotia, North Carolina, and Sourthern California
  • Presented and facilitated conversations at several conferences and workshops, including those held by Food Secure Canada, Community Food Security Coalition, Food Forward, FoodShare, Meal Exchange, and the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council


  • Hosted 5 community events with varying themes including: young food entrepreneurs, sustainable food procurement, developing national food policy, city planning and urban agriculture
  • Published the first peer reviewed youth journal featuring 12 young writers, The Gathering: A Youth Perspective on Food Issues
  • Designed and delivered Food Policy 101 workshops to youth groups across Toronto
  • Mentored 8 service learning students from different Toronto based colleges and universities
  • Worked closely with a variety of partners including: Sustain Ontario, Black Creek Community Farm, Everdale Farm, City Seeds Farm, Fidel Gastro Food Truck, Food Forward, Local Food Plus, University of Toronto, Regent Park Neighbourhood Initiative, Food Secure Canada, Justice for Migrant Workers, Bento Miso, and Tiffinday
  • Became a member of Food Secure Canada’s Youth Caucus


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