Youth Caucus Formed at Food Secure Canada Assembly

by TYFPC Community Member Brynne Sinclair-Waters

Young people from across Canada are passionate about food issues. In their communities and on their campuses, youth are playing
an important role in the food movement. Building on all of this work and the energy generated at PowerShift Canada, youth at the National Assembly in Edmonton organized an impromptu meeting.

On Saturday evening, a group of 15 youth gathered and discussed the role that FSC could play in bringing together young people from across the country and supporting their work. We decided to set up an FSC Youth Caucus to discuss these questions further. The potential benefits of an FSC Youth Caucus that were discussed include:

  • Mentorship for youth with food movement leaders;
  • Building skills and leadership among youth through experience working with national networks;
  • Getting youth issues on the FSC agenda;
  • Sharing challenges, successes, and lessons learned; and
  • Strategizing and mobilizing youth around national issues.

This lively and rich discussion was only the beginning! What role do you think FSC could play in supporting youth in the food movement in Canada? If you are interested in becoming part of this conversation, please email Sasha McNicoll at

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