TYFPC Endorses the Food Nation platform

Today is the first official Food Justice Day in Toronto.

The TYFPC endorses the Food Nation platform, asking Toronto’s Mayor and Council to prioritize food and health in five keys ways. Click here to read the platform.

The TYFPC is concerned about urban food security and growing inequities in Toronto. Everyone needs access to fresh, healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food. Much more needs to be done to reduce poverty in Toronto through increasing income equality. Creating opportunities for good food jobs is a promising way to support this.

To build a just food system in Toronto, we need our communities and government to work together to find solutions to these critical issues. Mayor John Tory has already signed on to endorse this platform. Let’s hold our municipal government accountable!

Join us! Endorse the platform and speak with your City Councillor about food issues that matter to you.

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