Save Local Food @ City Hall!

In 2008, City Council agreed to pursue a 50% local food purchasing policy for city-operated shelters, daycares, and care homes. This policy would be a huge economic boon to our struggling local farmers and food processors, and would increase access to seasonal, fresh produce for many city residents. Throw in the eco-savings won by cutting transportation-related emissions, and it sounds like a no-brainer.

Well, not quite.  Yesterday, a government management committee stalled on the issue, citing the sometimes higher prices of local produce versus imported goods. Health, environment, and our agricultural are once again being sidelined in favour of the “cheapest” possible option – that’s some very one-sided accounting, if you ask us!

If you make sure that Toronto continues to be a good food leader, then get involved:

Toronto Star covers the issue here.

Sign the Toronto Environmental Alliance petition here!

Contact your local counsellor!

Stay tuned!
City Council will discuss this issue during its July 12th/13th meetings.

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