Call for Editorial Board Members for Youth Food Policy Journal – “Gathering”

The Toronto Youth Food Policy Council (TYFPC) is looking for volunteers to be on the editorial board for the bi-annual youth food policy journal Gathering.


Gathering aims to bring a progressive youth vision and voice to food system discussions. Our objective is to create an accessible academic journal of research, concepts, case studies, and arguments, building capacity and helping youth be recognized for their contribution to sustainable food systems dialogue.

The TYFPC has has gone through a selection process and has accepted nine articles for our next issue.We are seeking to have them reviewed by experts (or burgeoning experts) in the relevant topic areas. Articles are short, (averaging 2500 words) and are generally authored by undergraduate students. The peer review process can be a great experience for both the author and peer reviewer.

Topics of articles in this next edition include:

  • GMOs
  • Food (in)security in Canada and Canadian food politics
  • Food law and policy
  • Urban foodsheds, food production and food origin, food flow
  • Government food security programs, developing countries (Ethiopia, Niarobi, India)
  • Urban agriculture
  • Biodiversity

If you have an interest in reviewing an article in any of these fields, and would like to be a member of the editorial board for the first youth food policy journal in Canada, please contact Joel Fridman, Education Lead on the TYFPC ( Please contact by January 20th. The target date for sending out articles for review is February 15th, with four weeks to review.

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