TYFPC at the Healthy416 Seminar

On November 7th, TYFPC facilitated a ‘Food Policy in Your Sandwich’ workshop at the Health and Wellness seminar organized by United Way’s City Leader‘s youth. Right from the beginning, the excitement in talking about food related issues was quite evident in the group.
Coming from diverse educational backgrounds, the audience contributed to meaningful discussions around understanding the importance of what one eats and where food was sourced. The main activity broke down the different parts of a sandwich and briefly looked into the players involved in the food chain process from the farms to the distribution locations, and government and institutional policies that impact the process.

For some, this was seen as a platform to voice their own concerns regarding healthy food accessibility in the city. For others, the sharing of personal food experiences provided a source of information about local food security.

All in all, it was a great session and we look forward to seeing more community members coming out to TYFPC’s upcoming community meetings.

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