Food for Thought Film Club: Migrant Dreams, Then & Now

In October 2020 the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council (TYFPC) kicked off our new council year with a virtual event, discussing Min Sook Lee’s 2016 documentary, Migrant Dreams and heard from speakers about justice for migrant workers, past & present.

Migrant Dreams exposes the underbelly of the Canadian government labour program that has built a system designed to empower brokers and growers to exploit, dehumanize and deceive migrant workers who have virtually no access to support or information in their own language. Workers willing to pay exorbitant fees to work at minimum wage jobs packing the fruits and vegetables we eat in our homes. Migrant workers who deserve basic labour and human rights. Canada it seems, has failed them. 




Evelyn Encalada Grez, PhD

Evelyn Encalada Grez is a founding member of Justice for Migrant Workers and an Assistant Professor in Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University She has worked with migrant workers and their families for two decades and documented the lives of migrant farmworker women as part of her doctoral research. 

Carlous Burrell

Carlous is a Justicia (Justice for Migrant Workers) activist and former worker featured in Migrant Dreams and was successful in a lawsuit against his employer. Carlous recently won his Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds application.

Min Sook Lee

Min Sook Lee has directed numerous critically-acclaimed feature documentaries, including: Donald Brittain Gemini winner Tiger Spirit, Hot Docs Best Canadian Feature winner Hogtown, Gemini nominated El Contrato and Canadian Screen Award winner, The Real Inglorious Bastards.


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