Virtual Arts Night!

On January 31st, the TYFPC Education team hosted a virtual arts night for youth in our community to come together, talk openly about food justice, and express their creativity. Our goal was to collectively create pieces of art to be featured in Mélange, centred on the theme of Volume 3: Seeding Justice and Deepening Our Roots. 

We were thrilled to have artists who had submitted their individual artwork to Mélange, members of TYFPC, and other community members in attendance, as we talked, wrote, and drew our way through a series of prompts aimed at digging deeper into the topics of food cultures, sovereignty, and futures. We anticipated a touching conversation and creative space, but had no idea that we would encounter such a moving, curious, and enthusiastic group of participants. Our conversation and subsequent creations covered topics including biodiversity, solidarity with marginalized communities, urban agriculture, childhood food memories, and so many more.

In a year that has made connecting over food and art challenging, to say the least, this event warmed our hearts, minds, and bellies, and reminded us of the power of youth voices when it comes to conversations about food justice. The TYFPC Education team sends their deepest gratitude to all who joined virtually to create with them, and they hope you check out Volume 3 of Mélange, which can be found here.

Check Out the Creations From our Workshop!

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors

Thank you to Carrot Cache, TakingITGlobal, the Government of Canada, and Canada Service Corps for generously supporting this project!

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