Zartasha Zainab

Zartasha recently completed her Honours Bachelor of Science with a double major in Health Sciences and Psychology at the University of Toronto. During her time at UofT, she organized various fundraisers, events, campaigns and panels around global humanitarian issues on campus and within the community ranging from winterization, famine appeal, orphan sponsorship and genocide awareness as well as creating safe spaces for students to have conversations. Zartasha enjoys working on social causes to help alleviate human suffering and enhance health and well being both at a social/political level as well as at an individual level. Her majors in Health Sciences furthermore enhanced her understanding of various health paradigms and humanitarian issues using holistic models which included both disease prevention and health promotion at the individual level and within a community. 

These past two years, Zartasha has been in various critical conversations pertaining to food in relation to health. Whether it was during her time working with the student union to have conversations with students facing food insecurity, or whether it was cultural culinary practices shaping health by children of immigrant families including processed foods, convenient foods, or genetically modified foods and its impact on health issues as well as its psychological and social impacts. Zartasha also had an opportunity to work with the City Councillor on issues related to food security. She hopes that through working with the Toronto Youth Food Policy Council, she is able to have an enhanced understanding of food and its impact on physical and mental health amongst immigrant communities and engage in critical conversations with the community.