Sheldomar Elliott

Whether you find him listening to 90’s R&B, scouring through his Magic the Gathering card collection, or recreating plant-based versions of his favourite snacks, Sheldomar inherently believes in the power of food as a vehicle for change while simultaneously being able to comfort, nourish, and heal us. With years of experience in food justice work and a background in community support roles, Sheldomar brings an anti-oppressive and community-centered lens to all of the work he is involved in. He is passionate about food justice, tackling issues of food insecurity and helping achieve food sovereignty for marginalized communities. As a member of the Black Food Sovereignty Alliance, he works to support and amplify the work of Black communities in Toronto towards juster, alternate food systems. Sheldomar also co-organized Soul Food Project TO: Community Cookbook as a means of hearing from Black youth in Toronto about the recipes, food stories, and discussions of how food comforts us during difficult times.