Christine Sun

Chris is a disabled, queer, settler of East Asian heritage studying Political Science and Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity at the University of Toronto. Currently, their research explores mainstream moves towards solidarity in relation to Indigenous sovereignty and decolonization movements, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, focusing on the ways in which racialized and white settler practices of allyship too often participate in the same racial and colonial systems the aim to dismantle. They are deeply invested in food as a healing gesture, and means for community and solidarity building between oppressed communities. They believe that the creation of equitable and culturally sustaining food systems, cannot occur without the active dismantlement of oppressive beliefs and systemic structures – white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, colonialism, and capitalism especially – that perpetuate poverty and food insecurity within Black, Indigenous, and POC communities. In their spare time, they can be found in the company of close friends, wrapping wontons with kinfolk, and going for long-ish runs.