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We help build a just and sustainable food system by working with Toronto's diverse young communities to find solutions to food insecurity. We then raise awareness of these issues through our seat at the Toronto Food Policy Council, by making deputations at City Hall, or through our advocacy work with other food justice organizations.


We mobilize youth to create change through our online network, at bi-monthly community meetings, by providing an opportunity for youth to build upon their food activism by becoming a council member, by connecting with youth throughout the city, and by facilitating committee work.


We engage youth in food policy work by facilitating Food Policy 101 workshops at schools and community groups, by providing youth an opportunity to become community members and attend meetings on local food policy issues, and by providing a platform for youth to share their academic and creative work in a youth food journal.

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Chicken Keeping in Toronto

In October 2017, the City of Toronto approved a pilot project to allow people to keep backyard hens in four different wards of the city. The announcement was met with excitement from those interested in local, sustainable food systems and urban agriculture, but also with […]

Reflections on Woori Maum Communal Table Session 1: Where are we from?

Eating together as a way of building community in the Korean Canadian diaspora Written by Elise Yoon   There’s an unspoken, familial comfort in being in a room that smells of japchae. This was the case on Saturday October 21, in a room at Ryerson […]

My Indian Thanksgivings: colonial confusion washed away with gratitude

To Give Thanks to the land and the people we owe our abundance to… Recently I’ve been reflecting on the fertility and richness of the lands that non-indigenous people to Turtle Island  benefit from, many times without even thinking about how lucky we are. This […]

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